Summer Camps

It is during the summer that players have the opportunity to work on their game individually to reach their true potential. Our development curriculum offers an age appropriate, proper daily training routine and a platform to help players take their game to the next level.

High school & College:
Players will be pushed to their limits both physically and mentally. The core performance training will introduce movement training with weight and flexibility. The SPARQ training will push the athlete in Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. During field training, we will focus on individual technique and group tactics in game like conditions. Futsal training will be game oriented to optimize a players touch and soccer savvy.

Middle School:
Player's curriculum will mirror the older group with a few differences. The core performance work will introduce movement training with body weight exercises designed to give this athlete the proper fundamentals to increase strength and balance. The SPARQ training will focus on agility, reaction, and quickness. Field training will emphasize technique. Tactics will be touched upon, but they will not be the focus. Futsal training will be games focused on creating anticipation play and decision making.

Elementary School:
Player's curriculum will focus on balance, coordination and agility training. Technique with the ball will be the main focus in both field and street soccer sessions. The main goal with this age group is to develop players who are passionate and enjoy the game, allowing for further growth in the sport. By being exposed to a platform of Futsal and field training, players will have the opportunity to play with different balls on different surfaces. This environment leads to dramatic development gains for players who wish to play at the next level.

Training will be very intense and taxing on the players. This schedule allows for ample recovery time. Rest is a key component for player development. We will spend time with each player discussing the proper nutrition and recovery for them to play at their best every time they step on the field. We will break during the hottest part of the summer day and resume inside with Futsal in the evenings.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?